Penetration Testing and Bug Bounty Usage on NS TechValley Cloud VPS


At NS TechValley, we recognize the critical role of ethical hackers in enhancing cybersecurity. In this knowledgebase article, we outline our policy regarding the usage of our Cloud Virtual Private Servers (VPS) for security testing and client assessments by ethical hackers. By providing a reliable and secure platform, we empower ethical hackers to conduct comprehensive security assessments and help organizations strengthen their defenses.

Understanding Ethical Hacking and Security Testing:

Ethical hacking involves authorized attempts to identify and exploit vulnerabilities in computer systems, networks, or applications. Ethical hackers, also known as security testers or penetration testers, employ their skills to simulate real-world attacks and uncover weaknesses before malicious actors can exploit them. By conducting security testing, ethical hackers assist organizations in improving their overall security posture.

Why We Support Ethical Hackers:

  1. Enhancing Security:

    By allowing ethical hackers to use our Cloud VPS for security testing, we actively contribute to enhancing the security of our clients' systems. Through their expertise, ethical hackers identify vulnerabilities and provide valuable recommendations to fortify defenses, helping organizations stay one step ahead of potential threats.

  2. Collaborative Approach:

    We embrace a collaborative approach to cybersecurity. By providing a platform for ethical hackers to perform assessments, we foster a cooperative environment where organizations and security professionals work together to improve overall security. This collaboration leads to a stronger defense against evolving cyber threats.

  3. Compliance and Responsibility:

    While conducting security testing, ethical hackers must adhere to ethical guidelines and comply with relevant laws and regulations. We encourage responsible testing practices and expect ethical hackers to obtain proper authorization from their clients before performing any security assessments using our Cloud VPS.

Guidelines for Ethical Hacking on NS TechValley Cloud VPS:

When utilizing our Cloud VPS for ethical hacking purposes, we expect ethical hackers to adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Obtain written authorization from the system owner or authorized personnel before initiating any security assessments.
  • Conduct testing only on systems and applications for which you have explicit permission.
  • Respect the privacy and confidentiality of data encountered during testing.
  • Report all identified vulnerabilities and findings promptly and responsibly to the relevant stakeholders.

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