Restrictions on Mining Activities with NS TechValley Cloud VPS


As a provider of reliable and high-performance cloud Virtual Private Servers (VPS), we are dedicated to ensuring the best hosting experience for our clients. In this knowledgebase article, we will explain our policy regarding mining activities on our cloud VPS and highlight the reasons behind prohibiting such activities.

Understanding the Importance of Restrictions:

Mining, the process of generating cryptocurrency coins through computational power, has gained popularity in recent years. While mining can be profitable, it consumes significant system resources and can adversely affect the performance of shared hosting environments. To safeguard the integrity and optimize the performance of our infrastructure, we have implemented restrictions on mining activities.

Why Mining is Prohibited:

  1. Resource Optimization:

    Mining operations demand substantial CPU, memory, and disk I/O resources. In a shared environment like a cloud VPS, allowing mining activities by a single user can monopolize resources and hinder the performance of other users' applications and services. By prohibiting mining, we ensure fair resource allocation and optimize the performance of our cloud infrastructure for all clients.

  2. Enhanced Stability and Reliability:

    Mining involves running resource-intensive algorithms continuously for extended periods. This constant strain on hardware components can result in higher failure rates, increased temperatures, and reduced system stability. Our prohibition of mining activities is aimed at maintaining a stable and reliable hosting environment, guaranteeing optimal uptime for your applications and services.

  3. Compliance and Legal Considerations:

    Mining activities may be subject to legal regulations, including energy consumption laws and compliance requirements. By prohibiting mining, we help our clients avoid potential legal and regulatory challenges associated with mining operations. We prioritize compliance with applicable laws and regulations to ensure the smooth operation of our cloud VPS services.

Exploring Alternative Options:

We understand that some clients have a genuine interest in cryptocurrency mining. While mining is not allowed on our cloud VPS, we encourage you to explore alternative options that cater specifically to mining requirements. Dedicated servers or specialized mining services are designed to provide the necessary resources and infrastructure for efficient mining operations without impacting shared hosting environments.

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