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NSMS Banner Server
Do you have multiple websites or blogs? How great would it be if you could put banner ads from your mailer website on your other websites as well? This mod will help you with that. With this mod, you can place your mailer website's banner (468x60 and 125x125) ads on your other website and can deliver more traffic to your users.
$30.00 USD Once
NSMS Unread Mails
Now, your members can read emails from their accounts with this module.
$20.00 USD Once
NSMS Minimum Email Read
What if you could force your free members to click the email link to send a new email? Now you can do that with this module. This module will force your free members to read emails before sending or scheduling new ones.
$20.00 USD Once
NSMS Voucher
Want to give some rewards to your members? Want to attract more new members? Use our voucher module. With this module you can give email credits, banner credits, text ad credits, login ads.
$30.00 USD Once
NSMS Link Tracker
NSMS Link Tracker module will add an option for your users to create shorten links. Your users can use these short links to promote their website and track all activities such as daily visitors, monthly visitors, visitor location, etc.
$30.00 USD Once
NSMS Solo Email
Want to give more traffic to your users ? Then NSMS Solo Email module is what you need. With NSMS Solo Email Mod, you can connect all your NS Mailer and LFMVM websites together. We've added Stripe, Coinbase and Mollie as payment methods to this module.
$250.00 USD Once